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When people don’t see eye-to-eye on finances, the tension can eat away at their relationship.  Improve your relationships by being proactive.
By MSA Staff

When people don’t see eye-to-eye on finances, the tension can eat away at their relationship.  Improve your relationships by being proactive.  Taking the time to find common ground with your finances can help you grow stronger and closer.  Furthermore, communicating with your family about finances (e.g. how to approach money and stick to a common budget) can enable you to celebrate together, knowing that each of you had a part in meeting your goals.

Action Step:  Talk with your spouse or significant other about financial goals, where they fit in your budget, and how you can work together to accomplish them.  Communicating and joining forces can help you reach your goals quicker; plus, it is easier to side-step the 5-star restaurant and eat at home, if you both decide that money is better spent on a much needed vacation or your child’s education.

Did you know your spouse is welcome to join your consultations with a Money Coach?  In fact, many couples have stated that their Money Coach made them “stronger as individuals and as a couple” and helped them become a “financial team.”  Work on improving your relationship and your finances by calling 888-724-2326 to schedule a consultation with your Coach and your spouse.

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