Success Story: Help With Financial Resolutions

Whether you’re dealing with the stress of living paycheck-to-paycheck, or you’ve got your finances under control and now you want to grow your wealth, you probably have a New Year’s resolution about money.  Let’s take a look at some of the challenges that might keep you from completing your goals, and how to combat them, […]
By Kelly Boies

Whether you’re dealing with the stress of living paycheck-to-paycheck, or you’ve got your finances under control and now you want to grow your wealth, you probably have a New Year’s resolution about money.  Let’s take a look at some of the challenges that might keep you from completing your goals, and how to combat them, by reviewing one MSA member’s journey of checking off financial resolutions.

When Daisy entered the My Secure Advantage (MSA) Financial Wellness program, she wanted to take her finances from good to great:  “I felt that I could be doing a lot more with my money and wanted options to change or improve my overall financial health.”

The problem was that she hit wall after wall, when she tried to tackle the goals herself, but all of that changed, once she started working with her Money Coach, Donna.  Take a look….

Problem:  You make a resolution to [insert your financial goal here].  The big question is how?

“Prior to reaching out to MSA, my options to resolve seemed to be very limited, or my approach dated because the results weren’t represented or just simply did not work.”

One of Daisy’s financial resolutions was preparing for her son to go to college.  She knew about the FAFSA (Federal Application for Federal Student Aid) and applying for financial assistance, but with a gross income just under $100,000, she didn’t think she would qualify.

Solution:  Your Money Coach can give you several ways to break through those money obstacles.

“My Money Coach listened to me and even considered my options, but also provided me with 3 or 4 more.  Having so many options made my problem feel manageable, which was a huge stress reliever.”

Daisy’s Money Coach explained the necessity of filling out the FAFSA, as well as all the different avenues for building college savings.  They talked about grants, scholarships, the benefits of meeting with the school’s academic counselor, and how to use personal financial assets.

Problem:  It’s hard to work on a resolution when it seems so far away!

Getting rid of $10,000 in credit card debt was a big one on Daisy’s list of resolutions, but the road to getting there seemed long, with her son only a year away from college and two more sons close behind.

Solution:  You’ll end your first consultation feeling better, knowing that you have a mentor helping you to make continued progress.

“I was able to implement her recommendations right away, which was great because I was able to see the results within months…. I even felt better after our initial appointment.”

Daisy and her coach immediately discussed the options and how much Daisy’s budget would allow for paying down the debt.  They initially came up with a plan to set aside at least $400 each month, but it gets better.

After further analysis and restructuring of Daisy’s budget, she was able to allocate even more than $400 towards paying down debt, and within two months, Daisy eliminated the debt altogether.

Problem:  You’ve done the research to follow through with your New Year’s resolution, but the topic seems so complex!  How do you move forward?

Above all, Daisy wanted to better manage her spending.  The task seemed simple enough at first, but then she started to consider all the new college expenses, refinancing her house, staying debt free, managing/building several retirement funds, and more.

Suddenly, the pile of financial items (that should be considered when building a better budget) started to look more like a mountain.

Solution:  Whether you’re halfway up the hill or just getting started on your list of financial resolutions, your Money Coach will come along side you and provide valuable guidance for an easier journey.

“Her [guidance] was sound and practical, but most importantly it was doable.  By following her [suggestions], I have been able to continue staying on top of my finances, self-correcting on any spending….  Thanks Donna, your services really exceeded my expectations!!!”

Daisy found that whatever the financial topic – no matter the size of the challenge or goal – her Money Coach had the knowledge and passion for helping her.  Together, they created a spending plan and determined action steps that left no stone unturned.

Daisy also had this to say:  “Donna brought a lot of confidence and experience to the table, which is crucial because although I was in a position to reach out, I considered this a complex situation and had done my own research.  So she gained my trust immediately as an expert.  Donna quickly assessed and understood my areas of concern, gave me several options to weigh, and helped keep me accountable to meet my goals throughout the process.”

Work with a Money Coach and check off your financial resolutions just like Daisy did.  Call 888-724-2326 to get started.

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