Tax Cuts & Jobs Act*

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Each tax year brings plenty of changes to the already complex Internal Revenue Code.  We know taxes can be a headache, so, to help you out this tax season, we’ve provided a few key points regarding the recent changes.  We also know that your situation is unique, so if you need help deciphering how the tax reforms apply to your particular circumstances, call 888-724-2326 to talk to a Money Coach who is a Tax Specialist.

2017 brought a considerable number of changes, with the induction of the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act – many of which might still influence taxes today. Here are just a few examples of tax items influenced by the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act:

  • Individual tax rates and brackets
  • Estate and trust tax rates
  • Tax rates on long-term capital gains and dividends
  • Personal and dependent exemptions
  • The Kiddie Tax
  • Deductions for state and local taxes, home mortgage interest, moving expenses, and medical expenses
  • Discharge of student loans
  • Alimony
  • Estate tax
  • And more!

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As always, keep in mind that changes are made to the tax law each year. For the most recent tax reform information, visit the IRS website:

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For more details, talk to a Money Coach who is a Tax Specialist.  Your Money Coach can help you better understand how new tax laws might affect you this tax season, and help you get trustworthy tax preparation services with a discount!

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* This is a federal tax law. Check with your state to see if they have made any similar changes.

The information presented is not to be a substitute for seeking advice specific to your situation from a tax, legal or financial professional. If tax, legal or financial advice is required, contact a tax specialist, attorney or financial advisor.