Success Story: Enlightened, Motivated & Educated

african american woman wearing a patterned shirt and jeans, holding up a pen to a large piece of paper on a wall, leading a discussion, with a second african american woman sitting in the foreground who is looking at the paper

Most people think that great finances come from a big paycheck, but Victoria, with her six-figure income and booming business opportunities, still saw room to grow and a need for guidance.  In fact, with the support of her MSA Money Coach, Tiffany, she found that both her financial well-being and overall well-being took on a new level of fulfillment and purpose.

No Stone Left Unturned

What exactly did Victoria and Coach Tiffany talk about?  Everything from credit scores and minor collection bills to her 401(k) and investing!

“My financial situation is secure, and I am following a budget with no debt.  I wanted to learn more about investing, and I have a small collection bill that arrived for $75… Knowing it was paid in full, I did not want to have this on my credit report for 7 years.  I like knowing my credit score has continuity for a 789-808 range.  Tiffany has helped me with all of this and more… I have been so enlightened, motivated, and educated.”

And that was only the beginning…

Higher Education

One of Victoria’s additional concerns involved her plans for continued education:  “After all of my degrees and 40 certifications, I’ve never graduated with debt, and I certainly don’t want to start now!”  With that in mind, Victoria and her Money Coach discussed a financial plan to fund her next educational goal – a Master’s in Strategy and Leadership Management.  Here’s what Victoria had to say:

“During some of our initial calls, I discussed my financial goals to see if I was in line.  With my love of speaking and helping people become as successful as possible, I am almost finished with my real estate license.  I already found an office that would allow me to work part-time, which is great because the additional money is going to pay for my next Master’s degree…”

Victoria ended up with an action plan that catered to her passions and interests, eliminated debt by paying for her Master’s in cash, and provided a way to enrich both her life and the lives of others.

Better Prepared for the Future

Victoria wanted to make sure her retirement plans were realistic and sustainable, so she didn’t hesitate in bringing them up during her consultations.  Together, Victoria and Coach Tiffany discussed contributions to her 401(k), possibly investing in a Roth IRA, and touched on investing options like stocks, bonds and mutual funds.  Check out the results:

“After confirming my 401K was on track, then came deeper investment knowledge… Now, with my new financial knowledge, when I decide which new [job] position to accept, I can begin both investing and discussing my results with Tiffany.  I like knowing I can call her for more guidance.  She’s brilliant, personable, incredible, and a very strong asset to your team.  My future plans to buy another home, probably more education, and be able to build enough for $2-5 million retirement, while also being able to volunteer for my community and tithe, is on track.”

The MSA Financial Wellness program isn’t just about fixing debt or just about retirement plans.  Victoria is a great example of how MSA covers all financial topics.

Success for Everyone

Ultimately, Victoria found that her MSA Money Coach took the time to understand her life style, goals and challenges, and from there, developed a financial plan for success that’s tailored to her circumstances:

“I think everyone should work with Tiffany.  She’s inspiring and so humble… I know that when I began sharing my situation and plans, it was held in confidence, and if I was veering off track, she would tell me…

I am a single woman, and I love being active, traveling, and enjoying life – with a bit of frugality built in for safe keeping.  Sometimes we reach a point in our lives when we wonder if we are continuing to help others and make a difference.  I hope I can be like Tiffany because she has the opportunity to change people’s lives and celebrate success with them.  She gently and confidently plants a seed of knowledge and truth, and it grows.  I want to water this seed as much as possible.  In the past, I thought I was finding ways to save more money, but now I’m going to do savings and investment challenges!  Thank you for everything.”

When Victoria first entered the MSA Financial Wellness program, she took a survey that measured her financial well-being.  She scored an 8.5 out of 10, indicating a high level of financial wellness and a low level of financial stress.  After a few months of money coaching, Victoria took the survey again and got an even better score: 8.8 out of 10.

No matter your income, life stage, goals or challenges, your Money Coach can help you improve your financial wellness and overall well-being.  Call 888-724-2326 today to get started.