How It Works

The road to financial empowerment is here, and getting started only takes 2 minutes. Check out how it works...

The Process

Step 1: Register or call

Fill out an employer page sign-up form, our contact form, or give us a call to get set up.

Step 2: Get access

Once activated, login credentials for the website and access to premium content are sent to the member’s email account. Check out the Features Page for the rundown of what’s included in the program.

Step 3: Talk to a money coach

Members get the financial weight off their shoulders by speaking with their personal Money Coach. The initial call with a Coach is for discussing financial goals, concerns, questions, and thoughts. The more a Coach knows the better they can help members.

Step 4: Achieve

Financial goals turn into accomplishments, and a member’s financial future becomes brighter than ever. A Money Coach will then address other areas of the program that can help members.