Money Coaches

Meet our Coaches

Connecting a face to a voice is always a good thing when you are sharing financial information over the phone. Take a moment to meet our featured coaches, or view the Money Coach you are already working with.

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MSA Wallet

No more surprises. See all of your accounts, investments, bills, cash flow and budgets in one place. You will have a clear picture of what's coming in and what's going out 24/7, so staying on track is easy.

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Awesome resources

“These spreadsheets are great! I'm not a spreadsheet person, but I've never done it like this. I like these spreadsheets. It's set up really easy, and simple to follow; it's been a big help to see where all the money is going, and makes me think twice, sometimes a third time, do I need to spend money here and there or right now.”

Helping you through a divorce

"I was not sure my marriage was going to work, so I called MSA. My financial coach answered questions and helped me focus on what was most important in order for me to be able to be on my own, if there was going to be a divorce."

The quest for financial health

“I was very scattered and very unsure of my financial health when I first signed up with MSA.... [My Money Coach] has been a terrific cheerleader on my quest for financial health. Getting this stuff done is tough with my three jobs, and her encouragement has made it possible. Meaning yes, it would be impossible without her. I am blown away by her ability to come up with numbers that match my situation, whatever that may be in our conversation...“

MSA Coaches truly care about you.

“I feel that [my Money Coach] truly cares about me and the people that she helps. That is a wonderful quality that she has. As a result of [my Coach’s] help, my stress due to finances has reduced greatly. I feel more in control of my financial situation now.“