My Secure Advantage

Digital Platform

Designed as a stand-alone platform for self-guided learning and as a collaborative tool for coaching, members have year round access to their own secure, personalized website.

A quick checkup to measure financial well-being, stress, needs, and goals.

We use this to build a custom plan for each member, and check in regularly to adapt our program as the member improves.

Each member’s action plan is available online, shared with money coaches, and provides curated actionable steps paired with features, tools, and resources.

Budget tracking without ads or third party promotions.

MSA Wallet® syncs with bank accounts, has top-notch security and zero ads. Build and manage a budget independently or alongside a Money Coach.

Gain confidence with video courses taught by experts.

These short, easy-to-follow videos are paired with related articles, worksheets, resources. Viewable anytime.

Protect personal and financial information with Identity Monitoring.

Members can stay ahead of data breaches, fraudsters, and thieves by enrolling in 24/7 Credit and Social Security Number monitoring with fraud alerts for suspicious activity.

Also included is access to Credit Score and Credit Report. ID Monitoring is a vital component in defending everyone’s most valuable asset.

Live Chat

Chat with MSA staff in real-time. Get assistance with scheduling coaching appointments, answering questions about the program, or chatting with an MSA Money Coach about various financial topics.

Legal Forms

Our legal forms feature offers hundreds of state-specific, intelligent, web-based forms without the inconvenience of waiting or paying. There are fillable legal forms and documents, for both personal and business use, available to members at no cost.

Knowledge Center

Our well-stocked Knowledge Center holds hundreds of relevant articles that cover many areas of personal finance. Access educational information around topics such as career, family, health, investments and assets, legal, loans and mortgages, retirement, and more!


Our website has over 20 user-friendly calculators that can help you get answers. Topics cover many areas of personal finance like retirement, home financing, investments, insurance, debt and more!

Screen Share

This feature allows the member and coach to share their screen which enables the coach to provide live, personalized, educational guidance during the consultation. This is optional and initiated by the member.

File Sharing

View and share sensitive and personal information related to finances, on a secure platform, with your MSA Money Coach. We support over 200+ file types including PowerPoint, spreadsheets, PDFs, images, videos and audio.

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