3 Ways to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

We all know it’s easy to make a list, but completing the list is a whole other ball game.  You can write “spend less” or “get out of debt” for your resolutions, but will you actually succeed?  We’re here to say, “Yes!” This year, you don’t have to worry about watching the months go by […] Read More

As a young professional, how can I prepare for a solid financial future?

If you’re a young professional wanting to start off on the right foot financially, way to go!  The fact that you’re assessing your money situation is a huge step towards success, and there are a few other steps you can take right now! 1. Set Goals:  First ask yourself, what do you want to accomplish […] Read More

How a Budget can Help Your Debt and Credit

A budget can help you get rid of debt and improve your credit.  Use the following steps as starting points: Step 1:  Establish a plan to reduce and eventually eliminate credit card use.  Once you’ve stopped using the card(s), focus on getting rid of the debt.  Use your budget to plan and record how much […] Read More