Member Success Story: 4 Financial Steps for a New Family

October 29 2014
Starting a family brings a whole new set of financial responsibilities, like visits to the pediatrician, saving for college, and don’t forget all those diapers and baby wipes.  Such a huge change can make your wallet feel a bit thin.  If you want some peace of mind about your new situation, check out how MSA […] Read More


September 10 2014
It’s not just your wallet that feels the weight of financial stress.  A survey from the American Institute of CPAs® found that those who deal with high financial stress also have problems with their friends and their waistlines, among other things.  The negative effects are everywhere, so it’s time to focus on how to fix […] Read More

Problems Cause Stress, and Stress Causes Problems

August 13 2014
The American Psychological Association (APA) does some sort of study on stress every year.  For almost a decade, one particular stressor stood at the top of the list (and still does).  Finances.  Overcoming stress in general is vital because stress not only comes from problems; it causes problems. We get stressed by external things and […] Read More