Great Financial Wellness Includes Identity Protection

When it comes to improving your finances, most people immediately think of spending wisely, eliminating debt, and saving up for retirement, and rightly so!  Those all play a huge part in great financial success.  However, one key aspect of maintaining solid finances is incorporating an identity theft protection plan. The Cost of Being a Victim […] Read More

68% of Millennials Miss Out on This

A good majority of Millennials are missing out on a key part of financial success and sustainability.  Why?  68% of Millennials are not contributing to their 401(k) – or any other retirement account, for that matter.1  Planning for the future brings financial peace of mind.  Here are some reasons why retirement contributions are so important […] Read More

Quick Tips for a Financial Emergency

You need money that you don’t have, but it’s an emergency.  What do you do?!  Here are five things you can do to get started on the right foot, and a few things to avoid: #1:  Assess Your Spending Is there discretionary spending you can reallocate to your financial emergency for the time being?  Use […] Read More