Quick Tips for a Financial Emergency

You need money that you don’t have, but it’s an emergency.  What do you do?!  Here are five things you can do to get started on the right foot, and a few things to avoid: #1:  Assess Your Spending Is there discretionary spending you can reallocate to your financial emergency for the time being?  Use […] Read More

Protect Your Teenagers This Summer

Millions of teenagers are tossing their school books and celebrating the long awaited summer break.  Before your kids run out the door, share a couple tips on how to protect their adventures from identity theft. Tip #1:  Protect Your Debit/Credit Card With all the extra daylight and warm summer nights, your teenagers will have no […] Read More

How to Prepare for a Financial Setback

If an emergency or life-altering event happened in the next month, could your finances take the hit?  Here’s why you should prepare for emergencies and how you can gain financial peace of mind for whatever the future might bring. Why should you prepare for the worst? No one wants to think they’ll lose their job […] Read More