Use a Long-Term Care Policy Instead of Retirement Savings

May 20 2015
Worried about having to use your retirement savings to cover expenses for a nursing home or at-home care?  Consider a long-term care (LTC) policy.  It’s an unfortunate fact that many healthcare plans (including Medicare) don’t cover extended stays in nursing homes or long-term care at home.  That’s where LTC policies come in to make it […] Read More

Guidelines for Your Budget

May 15 2015
  Ever wonder what the guidelines are for a budget?  What percentage of income should be allocated for each monthly expense?  Here are some suggestions from financial professionals: Savings / Investment                           5% – 10% Housing                                                       20% – 35% Utilities / Phone                                     3% – 7% Food                                                              15% […] Read More

Resolutions to Improve My Finances

May 13 2015
Resolutions for spending less, saving more and figuring out your taxes are all great, but they usually end up forgotten, pushed aside or delayed.  We highly recommend the following tips to keep you on track with your finances for the new year. Resolution #1: Know where your money goes If you don’t know how much you […] Read More