Use Your Budget to Improve Your Work Day

Did you know that feeling financially stable can increase your work productivity and decrease absenteeism?  Many surveys surrounding employee benefits and experience in the workplace show that finances affect how an employee performs at work.1  Financial distractions mean higher probability of on-the-job injuries, along with decreased productivity, which can all come together to affect the […] Read More

10 Skills for Smart Shopping

Want to be a smart shopper and spend less? Master these tips and you will be saving money in no time. Make a spending plan.  Ultimately, you shouldn’t spend money unless it’s in the budget, so buy all necessary purchases before you think about getting any luxury items. Online shopping.  Use websites such as Google […] Read More

Behavioral Finances: How to Break the Bad Habits & Keep the Good Ones

A recent newsletter from the Personal Finance Employee Education Foundation (PFEEF) sheds light on why people find it hard to break the bad habit of spending too much, and why it may be difficult to save money.1  Studies on behavior and money – behavioral economics – have revealed the thought patterns behind financial decisions and […] Read More