Smart Ways to Use Your Pocket Change

Once you’ve created a budget with your Money Coach and started to take better care of your finances, you may find some extra cash in your pocket each month.  It’s like the good ol’ days when your grandma used to send cards with cash in them.  But take care!  Don’t let the excitement of extra […] Read More

How to Maximize Your Paycheck

When you create a budget and take better care of your cash flow, you’re less likely to worry about making it to the next paycheck.  Tracking your spending will show you how your paycheck is working for you right now; likewise, automatically saving some of your money will show you how your paycheck is working […] Read More

Use a Long-Term Care Policy Instead of Retirement Savings

Worried about having to use your retirement savings to cover expenses for a nursing home or at-home care?  Consider a long-term care (LTC) policy.  It’s an unfortunate fact that many healthcare plans (including Medicare) don’t cover extended stays in nursing homes or long-term care at home.  That’s where LTC policies come in to make it […] Read More