Hidden Costs of Refinancing

Refinancing your mortgage can be tempting when it gives you the opportunity to lower your interest rate or monthly payment, but the process of refinancing also comes with costs that may surprise you.  Before you choose to refinance, consider your ability to pay the following expenses often associated with adjusting your mortgage. When you refinance […] Read More

Surprise Expenses for Homebuyers

A home should be a fun place for your family – not a burden on your finances.  If you’re considering homeownership, you may be surprised by the extra costs that pop up during the purchase process.  We’ve got some tips and insight that will give you a better idea of what to expect financially. First […] Read More

Investing in Your Goals

Investing may seem like a complicated process requiring lots of time, energy and knowledge.  After all, looking at those acronyms, arrows, colors and numbers can be pretty intimidating for a new investor.  The good news is that there are plenty of ways to invest and be successful.  In fact, you’re already an investor, whether you […] Read More