Early Bird Deals

A set of coupons used to save money while shopping.

Shopping can take a nasty bite out of your budget, but if you plan right, you can get what you need with cash to spare.  The key is to wait for those opportune moments when prices are low and coupons are in abundance.

Coupon Cornucopia

Sites like Groupon, LivingSocial, RetailMeNot and Ebates provide a plethora of coupons for all sorts of things, from clothing and cookware to gardening and getaways.  The goal is to use your coupons with care.  First, if you subscribe to these coupon sites and get daily emails about today’s best deals, don’t let the bombardment of coupons tempt you to buy something you want but don’t need; rather, wait until you need something, then see if there’s a coupon (or coupons) for that very item.

In-store Sales

Using a 50%-off coupon from Groupon is awesome, especially when you use it on the same day a store is having a sale.  When you know there’s a sale going on (and you’re armed with applicable coupons for the items on your list), go in early to snag your must-haves because the store may have a limited number, and other savvy shoppers may be on the prowl for the same thing as you.  Remember, though, to check if your coupons work on sale items.

Timing is Everything

Even with shopping.  For example, say you want chicken for tomorrow night’s dinner.  Did you know that some stores will mark down meat in the morning if it’s getting too close to the sell-by date?  These marked-down items go fast, so planning on early-morning shopping for your late night dinner might just save you a buck or two.  It’s easy enough to stop at the store on your way to work rather than stopping on your way home, just don’t forget your food in the break-room fridge!

Want to see how your new shopping smarts are boosting your savings?  Your Money Coach can provide worksheets that help you create a spending plan, and as you track your income and expenses, you will see how your shopping skills are helping you save money. Call 1-888-724-2326 to talk to a Money Coach.