Member Success Story: A Couple Becomes a Team

a young couple sitting side-by-side in the grass, and the woman is holding a laptop while the man points to the screen With the MSA Financial Wellness program, couples become a team working towards mutual goals and achieving their dreams.  When Richard and his wife began the MSA Financial Wellness program, they needed help understanding the financial terrain of saving up for a new home:

“My wife and I are currently in the market to buy a house.  We have two kids, and are expecting another.  We have $150K saved, which is a good amount for a down payment, but needed to review spending and savings options to speed up the pace of saving.  Our goal for a down payment is $225K + 6 months’ savings, just in case.  We also needed someone who is well versed in the real estate and mortgage market to help us understand how much we should look to save, and how we should be evaluating the investment – short term or long term.”

Richard and his wife were paired up with Money Coach Barbara who specializes in mortgage and real estate.  She immediately helped them understand where they stood financially and how to move forward.

“Barbara was the perfect match for us.  She sent over an income, spending and savings sheet for us to fill out.  This forced us to sit down and thoroughly review our situation – which was eye opening.  She also guided us to a few resourceful sections on the site, from calculators to information sheets.  By the time we had our call, we not only had a full understanding of our situation, but we were ready to listen.  Barbara then guided us in the right direction towards our goal.”

Coach Barbara welcomed group meetings and prepped the couple on traversing any bumps along the road to financial success:

“Barbara was wonderful.  She was accommodating to our request to meet, as we wanted both my wife and I on the call, and helped us prepare for our call.  The preparation was so eye opening, and Barbara made sure to let us know that this process may do that.  By giving us a heads up that we might find spending patterns we like or don’t like, it allowed my wife and I to set our expectation and start the process with an open and supportive mind.

Once we were one the call, Barbara did not focus on just one of our concerns or questions, but bother of ours.  Barbara had a unique ability to answer both of our questions while bringing them back to the main goal of the call.  This skill not only aligned my wife and I around our finances, but set us up as a team for our financial future.”

Through the MSA program, Richard and his wife propelled towards their goal.  Richard happily noted, “Since our call, I am glad to report that my wife and I are applying the bi-weekly check-ins on our finances and are on path to achieve our financial goals.”

The best part?  Richard said, “We have turned a sensitive topic into a positive topic.”  They strengthened their relationship by becoming a team, working towards their financial dreams together.

As you can see with the example of Richard and his wife, MSA not only cares about financial success, but relational success as well.  Finances are still “a sensitive topic” for many, and the MSA Financial Wellness program wants to change that.  Make money “a positive topic” between you and your spouse by calling MSA today.