Member Success Story: A Better Night’s Sleep with Identity Theft Protection

a man lying in bed, in the middle of the night, with his eyes open, and a blurred alarm clock in the foreground

It’s hard to sleep at night when a fraudster steals your identity and compromises your security.  Last year, 1 in 2 Americans received notice of possibly compromised personal information, a hacked account, or stolen password.1  Listen to what a victim did in order to feel safe and sleep better when he was faced with identity theft.

Spencer though something fishy was going on when he noticed a satellite television account in his name that he hadn’t set up.

Upon working with his MSA Fraud Resolution Specialist™, Stephanie, Spencer felt much better about the situation knowing that a professional was on his side and was helping him resolve the issue.  Here’s what Spencer had to say:

“I have worked with Stephanie now for almost a month and truly appreciate all she is doing to ease the stress of an identity compromise.  She has been encouraging and helpful in assisting me to understand the process, and how to be proactive to reduce the risk of additional compromises.  Simply put, she helped us sleep better at night.”

With Stephanie’s help, they were able to close the fraudulent account.  Spencer was very grateful for the assistance:  “I truly appreciate the [identity theft protection coverage] more than ever and appreciate the professional job that Stephanie is continuing to do.  I hope I never go through this again, but if I do, I certainly hope Stephanie is the one that helps me again.  Thank you so very much.”

If you think you’re a victim of identity theft, you don’t have to worry about how to fix the problem on your own.  A Fraud Resolution Specialist™ (FRS) can help you figure out the necessary steps for resolving the issue.  Talk to an FRS at 888-724-2326.


*We always change the victim’s name in our Success Stories as a matter of privacy and security.
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