5 Ways to Spend Less on a Vacation

a couple riding bikes through a city while on vacation

Don’t let the financial stress of a plush vacation make your relaxing time lead to an anxiety attack.  Here are a few options to keep your vacation fun and cost effective.

1.      Spending Plan:  When you’re planning for a vacation, decide how much you will need for all the expenses and save a little each month, so you will be ready to meet those expenses when vacation time comes.  Remember to account for things like travel (to and from your destination as well as at your destination), food, souvenirs, items you may have forgot to pack, activities, house/pet sitter, etc.

2.      Staycations:  Instead of paying for travel, a house sitter and those Disney hopper passes, try taking a vacation at home. Tell any nosy neighbors that you’re taking a vacation. Turn off your phone and computer so business will wait. Relax in the comfort of your home where you can take those dusty board games out of the closet and remember how fun it is to make a million bucks in Monopoly or guess that it was Miss Scarlett with the candlestick in the library.

3.      Make Your Own Food:  If your destination accommodations allow it, bring food from home or shop at a local grocery story.  This is a vacation.  You aren’t pressed for time in the morning and have to slap together a plain turkey sandwich.  Take this as a chance to enjoy cooking and baking again.  It’s generally cheaper than eating out and can make a fun activity for you and your vacation buddies.  If you’re adventurous, see if your destination has a local farmers’ market, so you can experience any unique foods from the area.

4.      Inexpensive Activities:  Just because you go away doesn’t mean you have to do the main attractions at your destination.  Bring a book or a board game and enjoy it in the local park or a coffee shop that you don’t have at home.  Take a self-led walking tour of the town or city you’re staying in.  Rather than running for the money-grubbing tourist attractions, ask the concierge what locals like to do.

5.      Naps:  When you vacation at a place like Disneyland or Universal Studios, it’s hard not to soak up as much of the attractions as possible, but if you’re vacationing to get away from the rush-rush of everyday life, then don’t rush-rush around Fantasyland or the 3-D shows.  If you don’t take a moment to relax, you’ll get back home and wish you had a vacation from your vacation.  Let your body recuperate from the stress of everyday life.  Think of it this way: you bought the hotel room—enjoy it!

Your very own Money Coach can provide you with worksheets and resources for making a spending plan and sticking to a budget.  Your Coach will help you achieve stress-free finances, so you can finally enjoy a well-earned vacation.  Call 888-724-2326 to get started.