Smart Ways to Use Your Pocket Change

the hand of a business man holding a full gunny sack marked with a dollar sign, against a white background

Once you’ve created a budget with your Money Coach and started to take better care of your finances, you may find some extra cash in your pocket each month.  It’s like the good ol’ days when your grandma used to send cards with cash in them.  But take care!  Don’t let the excitement of extra cash make you forget your good financial habits.

Here are some smart ways to use your pocket change:

  • Pay off debt!  Every little bit counts, and every little contribution brings you closer to the day when you’re debt free.
  • Put it towards emergency savings – especially if you haven’t saved 3 – 6 months’ of income yet.  That’s an essential building block for a strong financial foundation.
  • Tuck it away for a vacation or special purchase, like buying the big screen TV you’ve had your eye on.

Sometimes it’s fun to splurge, and that kind of indulgence is okay every now and again.  If you have left over cash, maybe you want to spend it on a nice evening out.  Just remember to plan ahead.  For example, if you want to try that new chic restaurant, check the menu prices first in order to make sure that you can actually cover the bill with your extra cash.  You don’t want to get through five delicious courses, realize you’re forty bucks short, and ruin your budget by using money allocated for next month’s groceries.

For more ways to earn some extra cash and use it wisely, talk to your Money Coach.  Call 888-724-2326 today.