Top 5 Reasons to Use MSA

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The My Secure Advantage Financial Wellness program (MSA) helps people improve the one thing that affects every part of life – finances. Here are the top five reasons why using MSA will be one of the best decisions you ever make.

1. Your health depends on it.

The number #1 stressor in America is finances, and stress causes all kinds of physical and emotional problems: irritability, weight problems, trouble sleeping, depression, and more. Yikes! Get rid of those annoying symptoms of financial stress by working one-on-one with a personal and professional Money Coach through MSA. Your Money Coach can answer your questions and offer guidance, so you can conquer financial challenges.

2. Your job depends on it.

If you’re worried about money, you’re likely distracted at work, less productive, and fight more with coworkers. Talk about a hard day’s work. That’s not good for you or your boss. Through MSA you can worry less about your paycheck and actually enjoy earning it. MSA Money Coaches can teach you how to make your paycheck work for you: use the correct withholdings, manage your income to meet monthly expenses, and take full advantage of company benefits.

3. Your relationships depend on it.

Money is the number one cause of divorce, and people with financial problems are more likely to fight with their friends and/or see them less. MSA will help you achieve and maintain financial stability, so money doesn’t have to get between you and the ones you love.  Your trustworthy Money Coach will help you and your significant other become a team working towards financial goals.

4. Your experience with major life events depends on it.

Buying a home, raising kids, saving enough for retirement – major life events take money, and the MSA program can help you feel confident about having the funds for the job. With an action plan for financial security, you can focus more on enjoying life events rather than worrying about financially providing for them. MSA members also get access to timely webinars and hundreds of articles with information about life events and financial habits.

5. Your peers recommend it.

They want you to experience the same success they have with MSA. Here’s one of many examples:

“My coach and her assistant have been wonderful, and have made my world a happier place. No matter the question or situation, they [are] always positive, resourceful, patient, and helpful…. providing me with knowledge, tools, information and insight that is enlightening, sometimes exciting, definitely useful, which has provided peace of mind and is making my future feel more secure, manageable and happier. Confidence in actions. I would recommend [MSA] to everyone. Doing this was the best decision, one I don’t regret.”

The sole focus of the My Secure Advantage Financial Wellness program is to help you decrease financial stress and improve your financial wellness, so you can live a better life. Get started today by calling 888-724-2326.