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Use Your Budget to Improve Your Work Day

Did you know that feeling financially stable can increase your work productivity and decrease absenteeism?
By MSA Staff

Did you know that feeling financially stable can increase your work productivity and decrease absenteeism?  Many surveys surrounding employee benefits and experience in the workplace show that finances affect how an employee performs at work.¹  Financial distractions mean higher probability of on-the-job injuries, along with decreased productivity, which can all come together to affect the size of your paycheck or maybe even an opportunity for a promotion.

Action Step:  Come up with a specific time each week or each month when you can assess your finances.  (Don’t forget to include your significant other when establishing a ‘money meeting’.)  Stop worrying about money at work, and start focusing on your finances when you can actually do something about it.

Your Money Coach can help you have a productive ‘money meeting’ by providing accountability and guidance.  Make your ‘money meeting’ an appointment with your Coach so you can get your finances together and improve your well-being.  Make an appointment with your Money Coach by calling 888-724-2326.

¹SHRM Research Spotlight: Financial Education Initiatives in the Workplace.  SHRM, Jan. 2012.  Web.  10 Jul. 2013.

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