Taxes: There’s an App for that too

a young couple sitting in a booth at a cafe, looking at the man's cellphone, with empty coffee mugs and the woman's cellphone on the table

Did you know that the IRS released their very own app called IRS2Go?  Okay, you only want to deal with taxes when you have to (i.e. tax season), so why would you want a tax app?  Because the IRS’s new app allows you to do some pretty cool stuff that makes the whole tax process a little bit easier, and who doesn’t want that?

Here’s what you can expect from the IRS app, as well as some tips on how to make the experience even better:

Check Your Refund

One of the best parts about taxes is the refund.  IRS2Go lets you check the status of your refund for federal income taxes.  No more running to the mailbox every day – now you can check the status of your long awaited refund from the comfort of your couch, or anywhere for that matter.

Tip:   Instead of spending your refund on a fancy dinner or vacation, put it to good use by paying down debt or increasing your retirement savings.  A Money Coach can provide more suggestions on how to use your refund to improve your financial situation.

Make Payments

You can make secure electronic payments to the IRS through IRS2Go.  Make a direct payment from your bank account, or with a debit or credit card using an approved payment processor.

Tip:  If you have to make tax payments and you weren’t planning on it, you may find it hard to make tax payments on top of all your other monthly expenses.  Consider discretionary expenses, like coffee or the movies, to see what you can cut back on in order to make tax payments.  Not sure how to fit tax payments into your budget?  Your Money Coach can help you prepare for paying your taxes without compromising your other expenses or savings goals.

Get Help

If you’re a member, you already have access to a whole team of trustworthy tax specialists and tax prep services!  You also have access to articles, calculators, and educational webinars with information that will make taxes less taxing.

You can work with a Money Coach who is also an Enrolled Agent (IRS certified) and make your tax experience even better.  Call a Money Coach today at 888-724-2326.