From Good to Great with Money Coaching

quote from Suzie in California that says, 'I decided to try this benefit more as a proactive measure. I am comfortable with my current financial situation, but I never know what the future holds. Everything I encountered was great! I will definitely be a repeat customer! I am very thankful my company has this benefit!' on a blue overlay covering people's faces in the backgroundEven if you think you’re okay with money, a Money Coach can help you turn good finances into great financial success.  Take a few tips from Suzie’s experience and improve your own money management.

Even though Suzie felt she had her finances under control, she thought it best to double check with a professional.  As Suzie put it, “I decided to try this benefit more as a proactive measure.  I am comfortable with my current financial situation, but you never know what the future holds.  I wanted to talk with a Money Coach to see if my budget was on the right track.”

And the rewards were immediate.

Suzie took the opportunity to meet with Coach Katherine since her employer funded the MSA program for employees.  Katherine showed Suzie how to better define her savings for ultimate control and success:

“One thing brought to my attention was that my savings was more of a ‘slush fund’, and I had no real allocations for that money.  It was just there for when I needed it.  My financial coach pointed this out, and we were able to break down my savings account and allocate/create funds for irregular purchases that might come up (gifts, vacations, etc.).  She also suggested I take a look at upcoming events, so I can see how my funds stand up to what is actually going to be spent.”

Now, Suzie has over $4,000 in savings and contributes over $400 a month specifically for emergencies, and over $200 for her retirement.  She’s even building up $1,000 in savings for her loved ones’ birthdays, anniversaries and holidays.

More detailed budgeting and accountability improved Suzie’s money management by showing her how she currently spends her money and how she could do better.  “She helped me realize if I buy something in bulk, to not overspend the next week because I have room in my cart.  That was an eye opener as well since my freezer is full of meat, but I keep going to the grocery store….  I even heard her voice in the back of my mind a few times when impulse purchases were tempting, and I was able to stay strong and not give in!”

Whether spending a big sum or saying “no”, Suzie could finally feel confident and happy about her decisions.  “She helped me understand that the budget is not about restraining myself, but understanding that I allocated that money for a reason, so I need to spend it for that reason only (and have no regrets spending it all for that reason).”

Fine tuning Suzie’s finances helped her go from good to great with her financial situation.  When Suzie first started working with Coach Katherine, she took a survey to measure her financial well-being.  She scored 9.38 out of 10, indicating that she already had a high level of financial wellness.  After working with Katherine, Suzie scored a perfect 10 out of 10!

Here’s what Coach Katherine had to say about Suzie’s progress:  “Suzie came to the MSA program already feeling really good about her finances, and she was making great choices about saving money but knew she could do more.  As her coach, I focused on identifying a method that would work for her to ensure she would achieve her goals.  Suzie did a great job as a money student, really changing her behaviors and trying new things.  I know Suzie learned a lot about how to make her money work for her and that makes me proud.”

Suzie was so happy that she took the time to double check her budget.  “Overall, my coach helped me immensely!  Katherine did a great and very professional job at helping me understand my budget [and] realize that I need to really look through my month to plan accordingly.  She gave me great tips on creating funds for irregular purchases, planning for the future, and helped me to make sure I keep my focus on my goals.”

Suzie went on to talk about her experience with the MSA Financial Wellness program as a whole:  “Everything I encountered was great!  No complaints here!  It all ran smoothly for me!  [The] MSA customer service made the process very easy… and work with my schedule! …. I am very thankful that my company has this benefit!”

Coach Katherine mentioned other opportunities available through MSA, and because of the wonderful experience so far, Suzie said, “I will definitely be a repeat customer!”

Take your finances from good to great with the help of a dedicated and trustworthy MSA Money Coach.  Call 888-724-2326 today.