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4 Steps for Appointment Success

Whether it’s your first appointment or your third, you can make the most of your time with your Money Coach using the following tips.
By MSA Staff

Whether it’s your first appointment or your third, you can make the most of your time with your Money Coach using the following tips.

Prepare (It’s key!)
Gathering information ahead of time will help your coach provide the best road map for your situation. Whether it’s credit reports or spending history, account balances or pay stubs, having the details to speak in depth about your goal will ensure success.

Be Open Minded
You probably started the program with a topic in mind, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Just remember that every stage of life comes with different financial demands, so the benefits of a Money Coach never go away. Our most successful members are the ones open to learning about other ways they can improve their finances and future.

For example, someone calls in for credit assistance and has a one-and-done mindset. They don’t think about the fact that they aren’t contributing to their 401(k); they have no emergency savings, and they have no retirement plan because they just aren’t ready to dive into the issues. Once a coach got them to see the big picture, the real value started to shine! Their mindset went from a paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle to saving and funding a happy retirement. That’s what we call financial bliss!

Ask Questions
Asking questions will help you get the best bang for your buck during your appointment. Here are some great examples: How can I improve my credit score? What should my debt-to-income ratio be? How much house can I afford? How much can I contribute toward retirement each month? Do I have the proper insurance?

Over time you may go from “I don’t know,” to “I’m a financial pro.”

Build Momentum
Like a pro athlete, it takes time and practice to improve your craft. Small victories lead to a champion, and it’s the same with finances. Using the tools you have available through the program and leaning on your coach for assistance will create momentum that drives you toward financial success.

Big Idea – All pro athletes have a coach to help them succeed. Now you have one for your finances. You got this!

If you haven’t set an appointment yet, get started today! It’s easy. Just call 888-724-2326.

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