Taxes: There’s an App for that too

Did you know that the IRS released their very own app called IRS2Go?  Okay, you only want to deal with taxes when you have to (i.e. tax season), so why would you want a tax app?  Because the IRS’s new app allows you to do some pretty cool stuff that makes the whole tax process […] Read More

Improve Your Finances & Your Relationships

When people don’t see eye-to-eye on finances, the tension can eat away at their relationship.  Improve your relationships by being proactive.  Taking the time to find common ground with your finances will help you grow stronger and closer.  Furthermore, communicating with your family about finances (e.g. how to approach money and stick to a common […] Read More

Use Your Budget to Improve Your Work Day

Did you know that feeling financially stable can increase your work productivity and decrease absenteeism?  Many surveys surrounding employee benefits and experience in the workplace show that finances affect how an employee performs at work.1  Financial distractions mean higher probability of on-the-job injuries, along with decreased productivity, which can all come together to affect the […] Read More