Caring for Aging Parents

It can be an uncomfortable conversation, and it’s one none of us what to have.  However, discussing financial, legal and long-term care issues with your parents is important for everyone’s sake.  Knowing what aging parents want and having the needed legal documentation available (in case they become incapacitated or unable to live alone) can make […] Read More

A Checklist for Retiring Early

Retiring early is a great idea — if you can afford it. Unfortunately, few people plan for retirement as well as they should, regardless of when they want to retire.  A common rule of thumb is to save 10 times your final salary to retire by age 67.  For someone with an annual salary of […] Read More

Making Your Money Last Long Into Retirement

Outliving your money is a scary thought.  That’s why a top goal in retirement planning is making sure your money lasts as long as you do. Assessing your retirement income is the first and most common way to start.  But going over your investments, retirement accounts and other income sources is just the beginning to […] Read More