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Personalized, Science-Backed Approaches to Financial Well-being

My Secure Advantage (MSA) sets itself apart in the financial well-being arena by offering independent, unbiased money coaching that is intelligently designed to help individuals achieve their financial goals and alleviate the stress associated with living paycheck to paycheck.
By MSA Staff

My Secure Advantage (MSA) sets itself apart in the financial well-being arena by offering independent, unbiased money coaching that is intelligently designed to help individuals achieve their financial goals and alleviate the stress associated with living paycheck to paycheck. Working with employers, MSA’s team of financial experts adopts a personalized approach to connect with members or employees on a deeper level by understanding their backgrounds and financial goals. This strategy is fundamentally rooted in behavioral change and backed by science and has led to more than a million people benefitting from successful financial coaching sessions.

The increasing economic uncertainty and inflation affecting today’s workforce have created a challenging financial environment. MSA understands that financial stress is not only about living paycheck to paycheck, but also about the ambiguous nature of properly managing money.

“The problem originates from our schooling. We were never educated about managing money and if we didn’t grow up in a household where our parents understood and practiced financial stewardship, we didn’t learn it,” says Brad Barron, CEO of My Secure Advantage. “That’s where we come in. Our coaching and educational tools guide our members toward achieving the positive outcomes they strive for.”

MSA’s approach to delivering money coaching services begins with a comprehensive assessment of each individual’s unique financial situation. The team recognizes that a one-size-fits-all approach does not work when it comes to financial education and seeks to leverage its industry expertise effectively for each situation. By taking this approach, money coaches create personalized educational journeys for members and create strategic financial curriculum encompassing their values and priorities. This understanding allows employees to achieve their goals and address money issues related to budgeting, debt management, tax withholding, and emergency and long-term savings.

The team also incorporates clinically validated methodologies from the discipline of psychology into the financial well-being space, allowing members to learn new financial habits and transform their relationship with money.

Employing motivational interviewing layered with a science-backed approach, MSA’s money coaches equip individuals to break down barriers and disarm fears about seeking financial assistance. This is complemented by a focus on overall well-being, paying attention to the close ties between health, wealth, and happiness.

Money coaches work directly with individuals or provide online coaching via MSA’s robust digital platform. With its customizable educational offering delivered in person or remotely, MSA covers topics such as credit, life events, personal finance, and long-term planning.

Using a staff model, MSA directly employs financial professionals with an average of 22 years of experience in the industry and consisting of more than 22 personal finance certificates/disciplines. Its hiring and team-building strategies ensure its experts do not pitch or present financial products to members throughout the comprehensive coaching program, so they know they are receiving intelligent and unbiased advice.

“We don’t sell products, but coach with compassion. We are here to equip and empower people to live better financial lives,” says Barron.

In today’s world of economic upheavals, MSA’s focus on personalized coaching, clinically backed methodologies, and comprehensive educational resources create a complete financial well-being solution for individuals and employers. By meeting clients where they are and addressing their unique financial challenges, it provides the tools to alleviate financial burdens and increase financial literacy, improving productivity and reducing anxieties in the workplace and beyond.


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