Problems Cause Stress, and Stress Causes Problems

a woman is stressed about her finances and has her arm against her head

The American Psychological Association (APA) does some sort of study on stress every year.  For almost a decade, one particular stressor stood at the top of the list (and still does).  Finances.  Overcoming stress in general is vital because stress not only comes from problems; it causes problems.

We get stressed by external things and internal things.  Maybe you have a bad day: the coffee pot broke; construction made you late to work, etc.  Maybe you’re wrestling with some major life decisions: how to pay off student loans and buy a house.  Whatever the problem may be, it brings stress into your life.  But the worst part is that it’s a never-ending cycle because stress comes from problems and causes more problems.

Our stress creates internal and external complications too.  That stomach ache and fatigue (among other physical problems) could be related to stress.1  That lack of productivity at work?  Also a probable symptom of stress.2  APA provides list upon list of symptoms (both physical and emotional) that are caused by stress.

It’s time to take charge and get rid of something as destructive as stress.  With finances being the number one cause of stress1, the first step you can take towards a stress-free lifestyle is working on your finances.  Doing things like creating a spending plan so you actually know what you’re earning/spending, managing your debt, and long-term planning.

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