Member Success Story: A Chance for Better Finances

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If you split up with your significant other, you may suddenly find yourself needing to meet payments all on your own.  Katrina found herself in just this situation – that is, until she started working with a Money Coach through the MSA Financial Wellness program.

After Katrina and her boyfriend split up, her financial situation became a bit rocky.  She told MSA, “I became a single home owner, making it difficult for me to save money.”  Luckily, she made a choice that would get her back on track.

The choice to work with her MSA Money Coach, Chris, made all the difference.  Katrina and Chris established goals and next steps: “My savings was only at a little more than $4,000 when I started with my coach, Chris.  My goal is to learn to budget, so I can up my savings to at least $10,000.”

Chris wasted no time; he immediately got to work on helping Katrina implement a spending plan, so she could move towards a more stable financial future.  “Chris has helped me come up with a budget that completely works for me, yet I am still able to put away a good amount of money each month.”  The budget allowed her (as Katrina puts it) “to easily see where I may be overspending,” so she could adjust and stay on track.

With a sustainable and successful budget in place, Katrina made and continues to make significant progress on her goal of bolstering savings.  “In less than 2 months, I have already increased my savings by about $1,000, to about $5,300.  I did this using the spreadsheet Chris came up with for me, along with the budget goals we worked on together.”

Becoming single shook Katrina’s world, including her financial situation, but the chance to work with a Money Coach helped her regain control.  Her Money Coach became a source of trustworthy guidance, accountability, and support.

Within three short months, Katrina had an effective spending plan, more savings, and a better financial situation.  Katrina had this to say about working with Chris:  “Knowing I am held accountable to Chris has had tremendous impact on my success even in this short time.  I can tell he wants me to succeed… that he cares if I succeed… which makes me want to succeed even more.  Honestly, everything has been great.”

Chris was just as happy as Katrina to see the improvement she was making.  “I always find it very exciting to work with an individual, such as Katrina, who starts the process off already very motivated.  In a relatively short period of time she was able to take my suggestions, implement them, and make tremendous strides towards accomplishing her goal.  I am very proud of the progress she has already achieved, and I can’t wait to see the progress she can make in the next 30 days.”

Changing your relationship status can make a huge impact on your life – even your finances, and Katrina is the perfect example of that.  But it doesn’t have to keep you off balance forever.  Like Katrina, you can make a decision that points toward success: working with a Money Coach who can help you gain financial stability and confidence.  Call 888-724-2326 to get started today.

The Snapshot of Success
a table showing the impact on finances before and after working with a money coach: 6.6 financial well-being score versus 7.4; $4,000 in savings versus $5,300 after just 2 months; a non-existent budget versus in-place and successful budget; rocky financial situation versus stable; 0 consultations with a money coach versus 5 consultations and counting