Member Success Story: Hope for a Sinking Boat

rocks jutting out of the surf on the edge of the ocean, at sunset, and in the distance there's a ship stuck on the rocks
Employees with big paychecks are not immune to money problems.  Take MSA members Mike and Diane for example.  Even though they had a large family income, their financial troubles were even larger:

“When we first contacted [MSA], we were financially sinking.  We are a double income family making over $150,000 a year and still struggling to support our family after suffering a job termination and a 3-year court battle to be reinstated in that job.  We received a back pay check of approximately $60,000, that we thought would help us become financially solvent again, only to be hit with a tax bill in excess of $50,000.  Our debt was overwhelming, and we didn’t see a light at the end of the tunnel.”

Luckily, with their Money Coach at the helm, Mike and Diane navigated through the rough waters and made it to the other side.

“After working with our Money Coach, Dave Jiru, we can say with certainty that we are heading toward much brighter days that just a few years ago seemed impossible.  Dave has assisted us in becoming more focused and aware of our spending habits.  He guided and supported us through the difficult journey of establishing a monthly budget and rebuilding our credit.”

Coach Dave’s guidance and accountability provided the support Mike and Diane needed to make their financial situation turn around.  On top of that, the couple said, “Dave has become not only a financial consultant, but a friend as well.  We always look forward to our conversations to share what strides we are making or where we are falling short and what we need help with.”  When money issues cloud the horizon, they know they can turn to their Money Coach for support and hope.  “Dave is ALWAYS so positive, and we always end our conversations with a positive outlook.  We could not have accomplished or gone through the past few years without his help and guidance.  He has been a godsend.  HE IS THE BEST!!!”

Regardless of income, industry, or job level, employees need financial help at some point in time.  Even people with massive incomes find themselves buried in debt along their journey.  Diane and Mike found hope and a bright future with the help of their Money Coach, and you can too.  Get the guidance you need to work through current challenges and prevent future issues by taking advantage of the MSA Financial Wellness program.  Call 888-724-2326 today!