Are You Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions?

a man in a red t-shirt throwing his hands up in victory, with a sunset behind him

A popular New Year’s resolution is to get one’s finances in order—to save more and spend less. But where do you start?  How about creating and implementing a monthly budget?  A budget is a tool that maximizes revenue while planning for bills and monthly living expenses.

Your budget begins with income.  Did you know you can affect your take-home pay by changing your withholding allowances?  The more allowances you’re able to claim, the more net pay you receive.  You can contact your Money Coach, and have them review your particular situation, to make sure that you are claiming the proper number of allowances.

Now you can concentrate on the spending side of your budget.  Your Money Coach can help you create a monthly spending plan.  This plan will break down your spending into several major categories.  For example, it can review your scheduled debt payments and reveal a positive plan for meeting such payments.  Your Coach will also review your expenditures and recommend guidelines for the expense categories, as well as suggest allocations to savings.

Having a monthly budget gives you a blueprint for income and expenses.  It gives you real numbers to track, and it ensures financial accountability.  It allows you to start that emergency savings account and to do something positive about paying off your debt.  Most importantly, it creates peace of mind in knowing that the money you have coming in each month will cover all your expenses, and it stops the doubt and blame of wondering where your money goes.

Contact your Money Coach at 1-888-724-2326 and tell them that your New Year’s resolution is to finally create a budget you can live with, then let them explain the process and guide you toward achieving your goal with scheduled consultations.  With your Money Coach, you can finally check off a New Year’s resolution.