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Success Story: When Gradual Changes Lead to Major Results

Is there something standing between you and your financial dreams? My Secure Advantage (MSA) strives to break down those barriers to financial wellness that affect so many people.
By MSA Staff

Is there something standing between you and your financial dreams? My Secure Advantage (MSA) strives to break down those barriers to financial wellness that affect so many people.

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do for a living, there are always small actions you can take to empower yourself and your financial life.

Take Kylie, for instance.

Challenges Ahead
When Kylie first approached MSA, she was struggling to create a budget that helped her maintain her existing finances while also saving for the future. She wanted to achieve a level of financial security that provided the stability and confidence she needed to move up the career ladder at her job.

While Kylie knew what she wanted for her future, her motivation to change her life was significantly affected by existing financial hardships and difficulties in her personal life. Though she was well established in her career, she was only taking in a fraction of what she needed to make every month. At the time she reached out to MSA, Kylie owed a whopping $12,000 to the IRS. She was also going through a difficult divorce and adapting to life as a single mom.

She hoped that MSA and working with a Money Coach would give her the tools that she needed to make a lasting change in her life and her finances.

During her time with MSA, Kylie faced additional struggles, including credit card debt, but she pulled through with the help of her Money Coach.

Kylie says, “With you by my side … I can do it … you seem to spark something in me, a belief in myself.”

Realistic Goals
One of the very first things Kylie’s Money Coach addressed with her was setting realistic, actionable goals. These goals were rooted in Kylie’s life experience and customized to her situation. That means Kylie’s coach could evaluate her circumstances to set up small, attainable goals that she could reach over time.

In addition to her financial training, Kylie’s coach also happened to be a Life and Work Coach. She was perfectly suited to help support Kylie through her life changes and point her toward financial wellness as well as new career opportunities.

Together, Kylie and her coach identified her major goals and the skills she already possessed to achieve them. Kylie knew she enjoyed analyzing numbers and data, loved working from home and had a passion for writing. Through these skills Kylie and her coach set the goal of pursuing freelance writing opportunities to provide additional financial stability.

Kylie and her coach also decided to create a spending plan, which would allow her to examine her monthly finances and make a savings plan, while also setting money aside to pay bills.

Kylie took advantage of all MSA has to offer, including the website, Wallet (budgeting software), identity monitoring, legal forms, calculators and more. Having access to these tools in one location made a significant difference in her ability to maintain her budget and focus.

Of all the services Kylie used while working with MSA, she relied most heavily on her coach. MSA money coaches understand that financial wellness includes an emotional aspect as well. Without support it can be difficult to make big life changes.

Kylie says, “MSA has helped me establish a budget, stick to a budget and start planning for future expenses. [My coach] is an encouraging, compassionate person who has helped me find a budgeting method that works for me. I’m blessed to have this opportunity … as she has given me a new perspective on how I view and manage my personal finances. I feel at ease knowing that I can plan effectively and early so I can reach my financial goals.”

With the support of her coach, Kylie was able to navigate her savings plan and future financial goals. The emotional support and guidance allowed her to stay organized and level-headed while creating a strategy to deal with the IRS, her credit card debt and ongoing legal fees resulting from her divorce.

Value Gained
Through the help of MSA and her Money Coach, Kylie learned to take charge of her finances. She became an advocate for her own worth, negotiating for the financial support she needed during and after her divorce, and not backing down when faced with adversity.

Kylie paid off her $12,000 IRS debt, tackled her overdue bills, consistently paid attorney fees, and even set money aside for home repairs, as well as extras like her daughter’s theater performances.

Kylie transitioned from feeling overwhelmed by her finances to getting excited at the beginning of each year when it was time to forecast what she could bring in and save over the next 12 months. She gained a sense of satisfaction from tackling bills and eliminating outstanding debts from her life.

Kylie’s story and experience with MSA shows just how important it is to make small, achievable goals a part of your financial wellness. The confidence it can bring to your life is well worth the time it takes to build healthy habits when it comes to money.

Kylie says, “I can see my future now. My wish list is possible. It is attainable. It is doable.”

That kind of confidence in life and finances can be possible for you too. See what an MSA Money Coach can help you achieve today.

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