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Success Story: From Crippling Debt to a Romantic Getaway

Debt, debt and more debt. If that sentence sounds more real to you than the phrase “the American Dream,” then you’re not alone.
By MSA Staff

Debt, debt and more debt. If that sentence sounds more real to you than the phrase “the American Dream,” then you’re not alone.

Whether you’re looking to pay off thousands of dollars in student loans or just trying to save up to go on a nice vacation and treat yourself, there are ways to overcome the burden of debt.

Take Bridget, for instance.

New Marriage, Old Debt

When Bridget first came to My Secure Advantage (MSA), she was full of doubt. “I was very hesitant to call at first,” she said. “I was afraid I would get someone who was out of touch with my needs or only wanted to scold me.” From her first call with her Money Coach, all those doubts went right out the window.

Bridget was looking forward to a honeymoon vacation with her new husband. Unfortunately, paying bills and just keeping afloat was preventing her from being able to save for their trip.

All in all, Bridget had more than $20,000 in debt split between credit cards, car loans and other small bills. That amount of debt left her feeling overwhelmed and out of control of her finances.

Moving Forward Together

With the help of her Money Coach, Bridget set out on the path to financial stability. To begin, her coach recommended that she get a copy of her credit report, and she explained how to read it and how to improve it.

After Bridget had a better understanding of the factors that go into a credit score, she and her coach began to strategize about options to improve her credit score. This included paying down the credit card debts.

Another key element of improving her financial situation was budgeting, which included a strategy to “pay yourself first” to build savings. Bridget and her coach identified her needs from her wants in a way that helped her budget and put her money to better use.

After Bridget paid down thousands of dollars in debt, she and her coach turned their attention to smart saving and spending strategies. In no time at all, Bridget was able to save enough to accomplish her goal of taking her husband on a romantic getaway to the Sunshine State!

The Financial Honeymoon

While Bridget and her husband were getting ready to enjoy their vacation, Bridget’s finances were enjoying a honeymoon of their own. With the majority of her existing debt no longer in the picture, she was able to focus on the future rather than getting stuck in the past.

In only a short time, she was able to reset her finances and get a better grip on her wallet. She went from feeling guilty for every purchase to understanding that it was perfectly okay to treat herself as long as she budgeted for it.

In her own words, “I have noticed that my spending habits have changed just by having [my Money Coach] around. I am more cognizant of what, where and how I am spending even though she has never said ‘STOP SPENDING MONEY!'”

After saving thousands of dollars, taking a nice trip to Disney World and planning for a wonderful Florida vacation with her new husband, Bridget said, “My only regret is that I waited so long to contact MSA!”

Take it from Bridget and don’t wait! Call a Money Coach today to see how you can improve your finances and stress less about money.

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