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Success Story: The Path to Financial Security

Getting out of debt can be quite a challenge. However, My Secure Advantage (MSA) makes that obstacle much easier to overcome.
By MSA Staff

Getting out of debt can be quite a challenge. However, My Secure Advantage (MSA) makes that obstacle much easier to overcome.

Whether you’re a stockbroker, a stay-at-home parent or anybody in between, debt can be overwhelming. By asking for help, you can take back your independence and regain control of your life.

Take Nadia, for instance.

The Problem

Between her credit cards, personal loans and medical bills, Nadia had accrued more than $20,000 in debt. That’s nearly seven times what she was making per month!

To make matters worse, debt wasn’t the only problem Nadia was facing. While helping her daughter pay off student loans and other bills, Nadia was hit with a $3,000 bill from the IRS.

All the while, Nadia remained hopeful. Before she came to MSA, she had no idea where to begin. Then, after working with her MSA Money Coach and implementing several strategies, she managed to pay off or consolidate the vast majority of her debt!

The Solution

First things first: Nadia and her Money Coach discussed actionable goals. They focused on what she could do right away to get a good head start on the path to a debt-free life.

Her Money Coach identified several key ways she could save money, and they created a detailed budget plan for her to follow. After tracking her monthly expenses, Nadia was able to get a better understanding of where her money was going and how to keep her spending under control.

Once Nadia had a better understanding of her finances, she worked with her Money Coach on the next step in the financial plan: start paying down the debt! Her coach helped her determine how to get out of debt as quickly as possible.

For example, Nadia and her coach used a strategy of “no-spend days,” days when she wouldn’t spend a single penny. By adopting creative budgeting practices like these, Nadia was able to take control of her financial future.

A Brighter Future

After her coach explained how to use a debt-stacking strategy, Nadia paid off several credit cards. She also started to earn more money, paid off the IRS debt and consolidated debts into a personal loan for a lower interest rate.

In no time at all, she went from financially drained and overwhelmed to confident and financially secure. Now she puts these practices to use to not only stay out of debt but to also save for the future, netting hundreds of dollars in additional savings.

Nadia’s heartwarming story is like many MSA members who learned the benefits of working with a Money Coach and found the importance of taking small, actionable steps towards achieving their financial goal or overcoming a financial challenge.

If your finances are headed down the wrong path, My Secure Advantage can help you get on the right one. Speak with a Money Coach today!

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