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If I Want to Save More…

No matter what stage or season of life you’re in, chances are that you’d like to build your savings.
By MSA Staff

No matter what stage or season of life you’re in, chances are that you’d like to build your savings.  However big or small your savings goal is – whether it’s saving more money to prepare for a possible layoff or furlough, for a fancy date night or a vacation, for your kid’s college years or for your retirement – you want to see your savings grow.  Or maybe you’re already saving, but you want to maximize accounts that help to reduce your taxes.  Either way, you want to get closer and closer to that finish line. So, how do you get on track and stay on track?

We’ve got a checklist of questions and actions to consider for all different kinds of savings.  Learn about savings account options and possible steps you can take to get closer to your savings goal. This list works for topics like the following:

  • Emergency funds
  • Retirement
  • College planning
  • Healthcare

The checklist also asks questions like the following, as well as what to consider next depending on how you answer each question:

  • Do you need to save more in your emergency fund?
  • Do you expect your income to increase in the future?
  • Do you have an FSA? Or an HSA?
  • Do you need to increase your life insurance coverage?
  • Are you disappointed with the rate of return you are getting at your bank?
  • Are you charitably inclined?
  • And more!

Check out the list:  What accounts should I consider if I want to save more?

You can also talk to a Money Coach about budgeting strategies and ways to save more.  They can help you explore how to balance your savings goals with all your other financial responsibilities.  Call today.

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