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Getting It All Together

Cursten needed help ‘just getting it together’. Listen and learn how her Money Coach helped empower her to exceed her goals.
By MSA Staff

Cursten needed help ‘just getting it together’. Listen and learn how her Money Coach helped empower her to exceed her goals.

Cursten called MSA to learn about how her financial well-being benefit could help her make progress with her personal financial situation. When it comes to personal finances, 87% of employees want help.¹ Cursten was barely breaking even every month. With a credit card balance shy of $10,000, she was feeling the stress of trying to pay down debt while trying to build savings – all while working on a fixed income of less than $50,000 per year.

Cursten was connected with Money Coach Shandra, who would end up being her mentor and partner for making financial progress over the next 90 days. Although Cursten called in primarily for education on budgeting and debt, her Money Coach also helped her explore other topics to improve her financial status, including boosting her savings and retirement contributions. Initially scoring a 7.5 on her financial well-being score, Curston worked with Shandra to improve her score by 20%, moving to a 9 out of 10.

With gentle guidance and accountability, Shandra was able to empower Cursten to make short-term progress and to change behaviors, leading to long-term financial success. Listen to Cursten’s story, and how MSA and money coaching made the difference.

¹ PwC’s 10th annual Employee Financial Wellness Survey, PwC, 2021 January 2021: base of 1,600 full-time employes.

This testimonial was provided by a member of MSA.  They did not receive compensation of any kind for their statement.

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