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Reimagine Asking for Financial Help

How do you overcome the obstacles that keep you from using the resources available to you? Particularly, the ones that keep you from achieving your financial goals and lowering financial stress?
By MSA Staff

How do you overcome the obstacles that keep you from using the resources available to you?

Particularly, the ones that keep you from achieving your financial goals and lowering financial stress?

Let’s face it: finances are complex. And most of us didn’t learn how to handle those complexities when we were growing up. Now, when we try to manage our finances, it can often lead to higher levels of stress and a need for help. But asking for help can be difficult.

Here are some common barriers in the way of asking for help:

  • Seen as a weakness
  • Shame or guilt of not knowing what to do
  • A belief that financial guidance is only for the rich
  • A misconception that getting help is expensive

The good news is that you don’t have to worry about those hurdles with My Secure Advantage (MSA).

Not a Weakness but a Strength

At MSA you have plenty of resources available, including the chance to work one-on-one with a professional Money Coach. Reaching out to a Money Coach isn’t a sign of weakness – it’s a strength. It takes courage to share mistakes and try to move forward. Talking with a coach is confidential and nonjudgmental.

No Judgment Here

Money coaches won’t judge you. In fact, one of our core values at MSA is compassion: we encourage and support others with empathy and grace and without judgment. Coaches are eager to help you excel. If you’re stressed, they want to help you find relief. If you’re already moving well and fast towards your financial goals, they want to help you move even faster.

Anyone Can Benefit from Financial Empowerment

Whether you have $2 or $2,000,000, you can benefit from an unbiased financial expert who’s ready to help you be the best that you can be. Financial education and guidance aren’t just for those who have a mountain of credit debt or a mountain of cash ready to invest. An MSA Money Coach can be a detective to see the gaps in a budget; they can be a mentor, an accountability partner, and a sounding board. They can help you plan for a new addition to your family, provide tips if you are caring for an aging parent, or even help you get through a divorce with your finances intact.

You may have financial help available as an employee benefit.

Yes, some financial firms and platforms cost a pretty penny for their services, but not all of them. Most of the people who use MSA services do so through an employee benefit paid for by their employer. MSA works with hundreds of companies, including Fortune 500’s. That means, if you’re seeing this article, chances are you may have MSA available to you through your employer or employee assistance program (EAP).

Congratulate Yourself & Keep Going

Reading this article means you’re already making an effort to improve your financial well-being – and that’s worth celebrating! Keep up the momentum, jump the hurdles, and call 888-724-2326 today to schedule an appointment with an MSA Money Coach.

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