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Turning Dreams Into Reality – 90 Days to Healthier Finances As companies strive to help their employees alleviate work-impacting stressors, they continually discover that personal finance is one of the top culprits.
By MSA Staff

Turning Dreams Into Reality – 90 Days to Healthier Finances

As companies strive to help their employees alleviate work-impacting stressors, they continually discover that personal finance is one of the top culprits.  For several decades, My Secure Advantage has consistently remained at the forefront of premium financial wellness programs, and as an innovative leader, works hard to provide relevant and rewarding material to its customers.

The MSA Budget Workshop, Turning Dreams Into Reality – 90 Days to Healthier Finances, is a comprehensive and interactive financial workshop designed specifically to help participants understand their relationship with money, gain control of daily spending habits, and create a solid monthly budget built with their financial goals in mind.  Whether an employee is living paycheck-to-paycheck or is simply unsure of what to do with their extra money at the end of each month, this workshop can provide them with the tools they need to successfully direct their own finances.

The MSA Budget Workshop is conducted with a group of participants who will attend two on-site classes held at the beginning and end of a ninety-day period, as well as one “checkpoint” webinar given midway through.  In addition, and most importantly, the participants will be connected with their own MSA Money Coach, who will work closely with them on a regular basis to develop a customized workable budget.

This year, we successfully launched Turning Dreams Into Reality – 90 Days to Healthier Finances with a long-term MSA client.  The employer and employees alike found it to be a truly unique and valuable experience.  Out of 100 allotted participants, 64 stayed fully engaged in the workshop through the full 90-day period, attending all three classes and a grand total of 165 consultations.  In just three months, the participants saw their Personal Financial Wellness* scores rise to an average of 67%, indicating a much lower level of financial stress.  Their feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with participants saying this about their experience:

“My Money Coach presented me with valuable challenges.  She listens carefully to my financial concerns and ideas.  She was gentle in her approach, asking what I feel were my key questions, to pinpoint the pain points in my spending habits.  Answering her questions were helpful in helping me realize the opportunities to cut expenses and save toward my goal.”

“My Coach has helped me come up with a budget that completely works for me, yet I am still able to put away a good amount of money each month.  The spreadsheet he sent me allows me to track every single purchase and apply it under its appropriate category.  This system allows me to easily see where I may be overspending.  Knowing I am held accountable to him has had a tremendous impact on my success even in this short time.  I can tell he wants me to succeed… that he cares if I succeed… which makes me want to succeed even more.  Honestly, everything has been great.  I don’t have any complaints or think anything needs to change.  I cannot thank you and [my employer] enough for this opportunity!”

Do not hesitate to take advantage of this MSA offering and give your employees the opportunity to work on eliminating their financial burdens and taking control of their financial future.  Please contact an MSA Customer Success Manager for more information.  Your employees will thank you!

*The Personal Financial Wellness Scale is an eight question survey designed to gauge the level of an employee’s financial stress and overall financial well-being on a scale from 1 to 10, with 1 being overwhelming financial distress and 10 being no financial distress.

Testimonials were provided by members of MSA.  They did not receive compensation of any kind for their statements.

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