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Success Story: Improving Financial Wellness by 700%

Aaron was twenty-five and already plugged in to a great career, when he realized his bad habit of incurring debt meant gambling away his financial stability and future.
By MSA Staff

Aaron was twenty-five and already plugged in to a great career, when he realized his bad habit of incurring debt meant gambling away his financial stability and future.  Through the My Secure Advantage (MSA) financial wellness program, Aaron started working with Lee – a Money Coach who helped him build an action plan for financial recovery.

When Aaron first started with the MSA program, he took our financial wellness survey.  He scored 1.13 out of 10, indicating extremely high financial stress.  After just a few short months of working with his Money Coach, Aaron took the survey again and improved his score by over 700%!  He got 9.25 out of 10, indicating high financial well-being.

Here’s how Aaron turned things around with MSA….

Creating a Spending Plan

During their first consultation, Aaron and Lee worked on a spending plan together, so Aaron could better understand how he was using his money and how he might adjust it to get back on track.

Completing the spending plan showed that Aaron had well over $8,000 in debt because of loans and poor use of credit cards, but it also revealed Aaron’s ability to put part of his income towards savings and get rid of debt on a monthly basis.

Getting Started

Making that first payment of $400 to start eliminating debt, while tucking away $150 for emergencies, gave Aaron confidence and motivation to follow through with his plan.  As Aaron put it, “Lee Davis gave me the tools and the confidence to accurately monitor my spending and help me pay off debt.  I am very grateful for the spreadsheets and guidance he has provided, because they already show excellent results in the past few months.”

Just getting started showed Aaron the possibility to succeed, and with his Money Coach, he was able to rise to the task.

Paying Attention to the Future

As he continued to work with his Money Coach, Aaron realized that how he uses his money affects his future and the future of those closest to him: if he wanted to financially provide for a family someday, he needed to get his finances under control – and learn how to keep it that way.  With that in mind, Lee gave him tools to tackle the current challenges, and he taught Aaron some ways to improve and maintain financial stability.

Here’s what Aaron had to say: “The habits Lee taught me are habits that I will continue to practice for the rest of my life since they are just that good.  Lee gave me the ability to be in control of my money, not the other way around. [It’s] the honest truth.  Lee Davis saved my future and that of my future family, and I am truly grateful for it.”

Focus on the Hope of a Better Tomorrow

MSA gave Aaron the chance to rebuild his financial future.  Aaron said, “I will be able to save more than I ever thought was possible for my bright future [because of] the amazing support [my Money Coach] provided to me in a time of my greatest need.”  With Lee’s financial education and accountability, Aaron has changed his life for the better.

“I [have] learned many great things from [Lee], and I have been applying them every day…. It’s been a tough and painful road, but for the first time in a long time, I feel like I finally have control over my money.  I have a new hope for the future.”

Here’s what Lee had to say about working with Aaron: “What stuck out most to me was Aaron’s honesty that he was ready to make a change, and he was serious and tired of living as he had been with his finances.  The good news is he picked up the phone and took the first step by calling us.  Aaron’s bravery to step forward and take control of his life financially and otherwise is to be commended.  He was very open about his personal challenges, and never once did it deter him from staying in the fight to progress in a positive direction with his financial wellness.”

Continued Support

Aaron looks forward to his consultations with Lee, because he knows they bring him closer and closer to accomplishing his goal of eliminating debt, and the calls keep him accountable for continuing smart financial practices.

A brighter financial future and continued support can be yours as well.  Take that first step and work with a Money Coach.  Call 888-724-2326 to get started.

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