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  You asked. We listened.
By MSA Staff

You asked. We listened. MSA Wallet® now offers a new suite of features making it easier to budget, save, and get a clear view of your finances. Our video takes you on a ride through MSA Wallet, and the details on the latest features are below. Check them out!

More Categories

  • Here’s the scoop: With over 100 categories now available, you can label expenses to match where each dollar is going.
  • Why it’s helpful: Deeper categorization of your budget allows you to fine-tune your personal action plan. This flexibility can provide clarity for your overall financial picture.

Trends Data

  • Here’s the scoop: Quickly visualize your budget performance and average spending over a month, quarter, or year to see patterns and improve cash flow.
  • Why it’s helpful: Most of us structure our monthly budgets with short, medium, and long term goals in mind. Awareness of habits and real performance can be critical for reaching those goals: reviewing your trend data can give you a picture of your progress and how you might adjust if necessary.

Irregular Expense Tracking

  • Here’s the scoop: Identifying, accounting for, and budgeting for expenses that don’t happen on a monthly basis can help you avoid overspending.
  • Why it’s helpful: The major budget-busters are the sneaky irregular expenses, like car registration, property taxes and holidays, which require more monthly spending than average. With this feature, you can proactively plan for upcoming irregular expenses and try to avoid the stress of more month than money.

To take advantage of current and new MSA Wallet features:

  1. Sign in. Easy, right?
  2. Launch the wizard for guided account/budget setup. You can’t miss it.
  3. Take Control. Track each dollar your way and on your time.

Once set up, we encourage you to work with a Money Coach to take a more in-depth look at how you can use MSA Wallet to organize your cash flow and how you might stay on track to reach your financial goals.

About MSA Wallet
Built for managing modern day finances, MSA Wallet is a smarter budgeting tool created with simplicity, privacy, and no gimmicks. Bring together financial accounts for better organization, budgeting with guided support, monitoring expenses to stay in control, and to gain confidence in managing your money. Can’t stand ads? Great, we left those out. Worried about privacy? Good call – we don’t sell or share user data. Email support not enough? We believe in live phone support and connecting with a Money Coach for a smarter budgeting experience.

This content is for informational purposes only and does not guarantee eligibility for the program or its services.

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